An Introduction to Ski Resorts

You can find ski resorts all over the world - although generally only in places with enough snow! Some of these resorts are purely set up for skiing purposes whilst others offer a range of additional winter sports facilities such as snowboarding, ice-skating and sledding, for example.

The majority of ski resorts are self-contained 'villages' that contain ski slopes, accommodation and facilities (such as restaurants and shops). The Après Ski facilities of a resort (i.e. the entertainment) are often just as important to skiers as the snow! Some resorts have grown up around existing towns and villages whilst others have been purpose built over the years.

Resorts come in all shapes and sizes - some are suitable for beginners (usually smaller resorts with a lot of nursery slopes), some are better for experienced skiers and some will suit any level of experience (usually larger resorts with more challenging options). Most resorts that welcome beginners will offer multi-lingual instructors that can be booked for individual or group training. So, it is perfectly possible to go on a ski holiday with no skiing experience and to come back with a basic level of proficiency.

It is important to choose a ski resort to suit you and/or your party. Experienced skiers will want more excitement than a resort full of nursery slopes and beginners won't want a resort with just complicated and advanced pistes. And, if you are taking the kids on holiday with you then look for a resort that will cater for their needs as well.