A Guide to Snow Resorts

Snow resorts - as their name suggests! - are holiday resorts that offer snow to their visitors. These resorts are usually ski or winter sports resorts and can be found all over the world. In the UK Aviemore is your best bet for snow but most people will go to resorts in Europe (i.e. in France, Germany, Scandinavia, Italy, Switzerland, Austria and Bulgaria) or farther afield (i.e. in the United States or Canada). The snow fall/cover here is simply better and more reliable.

Many snow resorts are built around existing towns and villages whilst some newer ones have been created as places in their own right. So, the atmosphere of any snow resort may well depend on the type of resort you choose. Some, for example, offer ultra modern and sometimes quite utilitarian facilities whilst others have more charm and history about them.

You can expect a lot of facilities in a snow resort apart from skiing and winter sports facilities. Most resorts will offer a wide variety of choice when it comes to accommodation and entertainment (often known as après ski). They will also have shops and may offer other stuff to do for the non-skiers/winter sports enthusiasts.

Not all snow resorts are the same and you'd do well to choose a resort based on your actual skiing/winter sports needs rather than simply pick one that you've heard of. Some resorts are best suited to beginners and, as such, would probably bore experienced and advanced skiers. On the other hand some resorts will offer a lot for experienced/advanced skiers and not much for beginners. If you are taking young children with you then it's particularly important to choose the right kind of 'family-friendly' snow resort to make sure that the kids have plenty to do and the right kind of facilities.